Distance From Stone,  2018, 10 mins, HD video

Distance From Stone, 2018, 10 mins, HD video

Michelle Doyle

Dublin, Ireland

Michelle Doyle’s work is informed by her background in activism, punk music and technology. She works with a diverse range of media such as sound, video, building materials and media systems which often employ DIY electronics such as pirate radio. Doyle is interested in the ownership of technology and digital communications, and how power structures can be dismantled through them. 

Doyle makes live music performances and sound installations under the name Rising Damp. Her 2019 projects have included an 8 hour sleep concert on Dublin Digital Radio, a USB Data Dump zine with the Repeater Collective, junk installations at Open Ear and a site responsive performance in The Lab in Dublin. Doyle’s studio is based in Dublin social centre, Jigsaw.